We operate a consultancy for ecologically-minded builders & renovators, having recently built an ECO HOUSE almost entirely from natural and recycled materials.

Services we provide include:

  • Advice on natural building & insulation materials, including straw, clay, lime, sheep’s wool, cork, hemp, recycled newspaper, timber & its eco-friendly derivatives (wood fibre board, wood wool board, etc.) (All of these materials have been used in the construction of our eco-house, which can be viewed on one of our guided tours, or individually by appointment.)
  • Advice on sources of finance available to improve the energy-efficiency of houses. This is particularly for those embarking on a renovation project. We assess what sources of finance you may qualify for and help with the application process. Possibilities include tax credits, 0% loans & reduced rates of TVA, as well as unbelievably cheap loft insulation.
  • Compliance with thermal regulations.¬† All building work that requires a permis de construire must also conform to the RT2012 thermal regulations. New builds require a study undertaken by a Bureau d’√©tudes, but extensions, facade modifications and changes to building use require only a signed attestation of conformity. To assess conformity, it is necessary to study the energy production & needs of your house, including passive-solar gain (aspect, surface area & type of glazing, insulation R-values, and air-tightness. We can undertake the necessary calculations to assess conformity, and advise on what materials and architectural details would enable you to meet the regulations.
  • Project-management training for auto-constructeurs embarking on their own build. This would be tailored to your specific needs, but would include sources & storage of materials, managing time and budget, finding reliable qualified artisans, and sourcing volunteer labour (which is surprisingly available if your project is ecologically-minded).

This is only a sample of what we can offer, so please contact us with your specific needs & we’ll see how we may be able to help you.