After years getting frustrated with French bureaucracy, we decided to try to master it & offer our services alleviating the similar frustrations of others! Of course, it would be impossible to actually master it – even those working within it don’t understand it – but at least we have reasonable familiarity with how things work.

Services we offer for Anglophones who struggle with written French include:



  • Annual accounts for micro-entrepreneurs & small businesses (< €350k annual turnover)
  • Profit & loss / balance sheets for Greffe
  • Tax returns
  • Help with general book-keeping



  • Help with application forms & paperwork relating to utility connections
  • Help with registration & subsequent paperwork with CAF for child benefits etc.
  • Help with registration & paperwork for those seeking to become self-employed, with the Chambre de Métiers, CCI, URSSAF, CPAM, RSI, etc.
  • Any other translation work (…that does not require a certification stamp!).



  • Writing formal letters (with all the necessary politesse to avoid being ignored for weeks on end)
  • RDVs with government bodies (CCI, CPAM, URSSAF, Greffe, Préfecture, Centre des finances publiques, etc.)
  • Help with discussions at the mairie
  • Hospital visits, etc.


Please contact us to see how we may be able to help.

Whatever service we provide, we charge a simple hourly rate for our time, plus any incurred expenses. Please ask for an estimation of likely cost when you contact us.